Thursday, 31 December 2020

INGSOC Award of 2020 to Social Engineer Communitarian Laura .... some coverage by CHMA's Erica Butler aka Lefty

 Tantramar Landowners continue to promote hemp industry for the region - for growth & prosperity.

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The chattering class coming out of universities just love to call for 'change' and for 'control' and they're happily calling it 'food security'. I do not see it as anything but 'food control' - sorry to say this to you Laura but you are a 'useful idiot' programmed to serve obediantly for the nannystate and for further restrictions and control mechanisms - that's a big problem. I know you don't see it that way but as you are funded and submissive to UN Agenda 2030 I do not see why you should be trusted as you are also a political green candidate and a shill.. what you did with your agitating team last year instigating angst and stress needlessly by promoting a climate strike with the misinformed youth here shows you cannot be trusted, at all.  Please sit down.. and do some soul-searching and research.

"Food liberty" is going to be the conversation in 2021 going forward by people who are not 'funded' and 'micromanaged' and 'part of the communitarian network'  - so what does communitarian mean?

Listen to Jessica Annis at Operation Pushback

So listen up folks -- clearly there is an agenda at work here and its nefarious to say the very least.

Do not be a tool in this agenda; resist it!

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