Monday, 23 September 2019

"Affirm United" - Sackville - Social Justice - Politics - Faith - Church - "Climate Strikes"

 What is "Affirm United"?
"Social Justice" activism in the heart of downtown Sackville [in the old town hall building at 110 Main Street]

The United Church has created a free federal election kit of questions and background info that can be used to talk through justice concerns with your riding’s candidates. One section includes so-called conversion therapy and the lack of a Health Canada ban on this deeply harmful practice.…/get-invol…/faith-and-politics

As well locally Aidan Legault talks about the work he does organizing and promoting "climate strike actions" --->

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Anonymous said...

Somehow, this is still considered a "church" as opposed to being a political activity group.

In a way, it's very fitting that it's located in a former seat of government. This is a church that very much wants to be... the state.