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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Paul Laviolette at GlobalBEM 2019 | #open system universe #over unity


Walter Russell was a friend of Nikola Tesla .. with thanks to Jason Verbelli, Globalbem.com

Jason Verbelli's scribd collection... open source intelligence... [ globalbem.com ]


9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology | Dr Judy Wood


Our History. Our World.

" do not go gentle into that good night... " - Dylan Thomas

Beauties in New Brunswick photog project since 2011

You are beautiful, pass it on <3

Meeting with Adrien Bordage
who lost his job through 'affirmative action'
racist hiring practices... in our nation today!
at the Sackville Visitor Information Centre

National Identity versus Globalist Identity

Populist Faces Globalist

Why is this young Liberal so triggered?

Third World Migrant Populism: Open the Borders

Joseph Gregory Hallett - The Hidden King of England

 Joseph Gregory Hallett was born in New Zealand

 on September 15, 1961 - http://kingof.uk

Vincent Cormier, Dominic Leblanc, Laura Reinsborough, Nancy Mercier - Election 2019 Beausejour

Election day is October 21, 2019
Full back page advertisement for Laura Team Green in mta.ca student newspaper..
Get out and vote Beausejour!

Propaganda 101.. with Dinesh D'Souza, USA & David Icke, UK

Children—notably Nordic white girls with braids and red cheeks—were often used in Nazi propaganda. An old Goebbels technique! Looks like today’s progressive Left is still learning its game from an earlier Left in the 1930s

Amazing Modern Yurt Is A Design Marvel

Freedom of Expression Under Attack in Canadian University - UBC SFE

UBC - SFE on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UBCSFE/

Upcoming event in October 2019 with UBC's Students for Freedom of Expression with Mark Hecht and best-selling author Ricardo Duchesne, details to follow.
Founder of "Council of European Canadians" recent article here:

Ricardo Duchesne advises:

"Hello Everyone,
I will be giving a talk, along with Mark Hecht, at UBC this October 9. I was set to do a debate with Irvin Sudin but he started raising too many conditions which the student organizers could not meet. So the talk will be with Hecht (his article on negative side of diversity was taken out of Vancouver Sun) . 

Announcing this talk has been delayed because UBC administration has been setting up one obstacle after another, but Students for Free Expression had enough, will push ahead with the talk come what may. I will let you know soon details of the talk. 

I am also happy to say that Canada in Decay continues to be a major best seller: https://www.amazon.ca/Canada-Decay-Immigration-Diversity-Euro-Canadians/dp/1912759985/ref=dp_ob_title_bk"

Meet up with Canadian best-selling author Ricardo Duchesne in Saint John New Brunswick - May 2018
Photography by Indie Media Eastcoast Canada.

New Brunswick's Cultural Coast - La Cote Culturelle - Canada's Eastern Gem

Delicious & Affordable Eatery on Royal Road in Memramcook New Brunswick

Coconut cream pie from heaven.....  delicious pizza .. affordable dining [all this for under $11]

Artwork for sale in their dining area...

Shipbuilding in Sackville - History in the Tantramar - Checking Out The Boultenhouse

Firearmrights.ca - CCFR - Join and Support - Follow On Twitter for Updates

Legal, licensed, RCMP vetted gun owners do not pose a disproportionate risk to public safety, the evidence is clear and overwhelming on this. Our sport shouldn't be a political football. Don't force the . Let's work on crime

Are You Unslaved? Unslaved Official Trailer - Michael Tsarion

Joseph Gregory Hallett - The Hidden King of England

The Hidden King of England - a five book series from Joseph Gregory Hallett...


Amazon rating:

February 7, 2016

Format: HardcoverVerified Purchase
In a word, AMAZING. Greg Hallett has created a true historic tour de force that threatens to rewrite many previous attempts on the same subject, as the research is impeccable. I know Mr. Hallett thinks much of the craft 'circus-like', lol, however, the best of it is also a 'search for truth' and as such I would recommend this to any brother likewise inclined. I found many 'loose ends' tied together upon reading this work and a renewed faith in the original aspirations of our forefathers before the infiltration and corruption caused deviations in the true path. Bravo! 5 stars! No masonic library or true history student should be without this work. BUY IT! It will become one of your most cherished collections. Get the answers to What was the real relationship between the Templars and Freemasons? Where is Jesus buried? Who destroyed the bloodline of the English Monarchy and when? Why was General Patton assassinated? How did modern man come to exist? Who is the true King of England? etc etc, you'll get a better education from these books than doing a History major at Harvard or Oxford!....truly AMAZING!

Saturday, 21 September 2019

David Icke Explains the Trigger & Endgame


TOQ Live -

http://dailykenn.com/ --18 of 20 black males arrested after brutal black-on-white attacks in Minneapolis have been charged. Security video cameras captured the attacks.

The media was careful not to mention the racial dimension of the attacks.
The arrests were made after videos went viral on the Internet. Cultural Marxists have been vigilant in purging the Internet of videos that depict black-on-white violence, apparently because it contradicts the false narrative that blacks are the perennial victims of white oppression.

Such horrific racial attacks explain why some parts of the country imposed Jim Crow laws: To protect white victims from black violence. It also explains why Oregon banned Negroes from its jurisdiction in 1838

From https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/ 

Twenty people arrested, 18 of them now charged — all connected to brutal robberies in downtown Minneapolis.

The attacks were caught on surveillance video, taking place in August. Police say groups of people would target one person, assault them, and often to take their cellphone and wallet. The 18 suspects range in age from 15 to 27.

Walking alone is all part of Sneh Bhakta’s commute in downtown Minneapolis.

“It does make me feel singled out because all the time I am alone,” Bhakta said. “And like when I commute at 6 in the morning, I am by myself, at the train station I’m alone.”

His concerns grew upon seeing the disturbing robberies caught on tape, occurring near the places he walks. At about 4 a.m. on August 17, at the intersection of 5th Street and Hennepin Avenue, a man stands by himself while looking down at his phone. Slowly but surely, people approach him to talk. Eventually he is surrounded, beaten and left unconscious — all so the thieves could take his phone and wallet.

A few weeks earlier outside Target Field, another group targets a man who is alone in broad daylight. They attack him, and even ride a bike over his body — all to steal his belongings.

Police said during a three-week stretch in August, 48 robberies were reported in downtown with 23 happening in one week.

From January 1 to August 26 in 2018, police said there were 156 robberies downtown. During that same span in 2019 there were 240 — an increase of 53.8%.

UN Global Domination 30

The Zionist Surveillance Web - Know More News, Adam Green

Adam Green, Know More News with indie reporter Whitney Webb...
discussing the mass shootings and intelligence surveillance 911 infrastructure

BREAKING!!! Liberals announce election policy of a complete ban on "assault style rifles" with buy-backs and confiscation and allow cities to ban handguns.
NO plan to tackle actual crime

UN Agenda 21and UN Agenda 2030. A Must See for Every Canadian

Speaker Ann Bressington, Australian, opposes UN Agenda 21/Agenda 2030, former Legislative Council Member, health advocate, and mother of five,

The Secret Teachings of the Freemasons

The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall 
Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike
The Androgynous Alchemical Agenda
The Secrets of the Phoenix
.... and more!

Democracy can no longer be denied: Congress must make Washington, DC the 51st state.

Hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians deserve the same representation as every other citizen.