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Sunday, 17 January 2021

Maria Zack 1-11-2021 NationsinAction.org

Then & Now: How We Dealt With The Flu In '69

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Kate Wand - Canadian Youtuber Documentarian Looking For Feedback and Contributions #CovidPanic #CovidAbuse


Anyone who has stories of forced masking & testing during labour, trauma, depression, physical harm to you and newborns, please contact me. We are going to dismantle these barbaric institutionalized abuses. #StopObstetricalViolence Please read my essay:

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Dana Landry Homeopath & Wellness Coach - Founder of "Safe Water Halifax" - Facebook - Healthy Eating Advice


"McDonalds loses a legal battle with Chef Jamie Olivier, who proved that the food they sell is not fit to be ingested because it is highly toxic.
Chef Jamie Oliver has won a battle against the biggest junk food chain in the world. Once Oliver showed how burgers are made, McDonalds, the franchisor announced she would change the recipe.
According to Oliver, the fat parts of the meat are ' washed ' with ammonia hydroxide then used in making the meat ' cake ' to fill the burger.
Before this process, according to the presenter, this meat was already unfit for human consumption.
Radical militant leader Oliver, who has assumed a war on the food industry, says: We are talking about meat that would have been sold as dog food and after this process, human beings are served. Apart from meat quality, ammonium hydroxide is harmful to health. Oliver says to this: ′′ The process of pink shit ".
What healthy human being would put a piece of meat dipped in ammonium hydroxide in a child's mouth?
In another of his initiatives Oliver showed how chicken nuggets are made: After selecting the ' best part s', the others: grease, pellets, cartilages, viscers, bones, head, paws, are subjected to a liquefied mechanical separation. This is the understatement engineers use in food, then this pink paste by blood, is deodorated, faded, reodorized and repainted, capped in melcocha flinacea and fried, it's rehabilitated in oils generally partially hydrogenated, it's - i.e. toxic
In the US, Burger King and Taco Bell have already abandoned the use of ammonium in their products. The food industry uses ammonium hydroxide as an anti-microbial agent, allowing McDonalds to use entry meat unfit for human consumption in its burgers.
But the situation is even more annoying that these ammonium hydroxide-based substances are considered ′′ legit components in production process ′′ in the food industry with the blessings of health authorities around the world. Thus consumers will never know what chemicals they put in our food."

Regular Council Meeting - Jan. 11, 2021 - Town of Sackville New Brunswick

The Town remain in their echo chamber with no apparent desire to have public meetings in 2021 so far ... as well their youtube channel has the videos marked "comments closed".... if you'd like to leave a comment here ... feel free to do so.

Laughably, comfortably retired Ron Aiken tells us just to go along with it all for a little bit longer! Bill Evans makes the comparison between climate hysteria and covid hysteria to justify their unjustified destructive actions taken against all New Brunswickers WHICH HE SUPPORTS DURING THIS UNPRECEDENTED TIME OF ABUSE BY GOVERNMENT AND HEALTH AUTHORITIES IN REMOVING FREEDOMS AND DESTROYING LIBERTY AND JOY.


New Brunswick has RECORDED 11 deaths from covid... the amount of discussions around this topic are ridiculous.. its not a pandemic and they seem to be oblivious to this reality.  Before you call people tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists just remember that your government has decimated the economy and put face masks on everyone in the name of an invisible enemy that can 'strike at any time'! Ha!

Don’t be fooled by gaslighters, grifters & other sociopaths. Lockdowns were a mistake of historical proportion at best, and potentially a criminal fraud. There is no middle ground. They must be lifted immediately & the perpetrators & their enablers investigated & prosecuted.