Monday, 17 February 2020

Caroline Stephens Youtube Channel .. "Chit Chat" UK - interviews in five parts with Gregory Hallett

Sackville UN-censored : Pro-Divestment Academic Resigns... Orange Square

Sackville UN-censored : Pro-Divestment Academic Resigns... Orange Square P...: McGill Professor putting his money where his mouth is and takes early retirement.

Notice Given of Claim of Joseph Gregory Hallett Against The Flat Lie Royals -


"Dragon" of London... Website:

Joseph Gregory Hallett's interview with Caroline Stephens, part 4, Claim Against Flat Lie Royals - The Hidden King of England - Arma Christi - Unveiling the Rose

Indie Media Eastcoast: Dr. Ricardo Duchesne - Twitter - Canada - EuroCana...

Indie Media Eastcoast: Dr. Ricardo Duchesne - Twitter - Canada - EuroCana...: Postering by Students for Western Civilisation - Dr. Ricardo Duchesne

Indigenous are fastest growing population in CA with 7.7% of the population under the age of 14.

They make up 16.5% in Sask, and 18% Manitoba.

How long can Whites take care of this massive group with permanent low skills + spurious land claims + "indigenization" of science?
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True North
Far-left protesters are trying to shut down the Canadian economy while the government and law enforcement do nothing about it.

So what are we supposed to do with these protesters?

True North’s
@anthonyfurey says it’s simple – remove them. #cdnpoli

Robert Lyon Graphics - Facebook Update on Business in Sackville NB

Full Circle.
26 years ago I moved to Sackville, NB to pursue my art full time and become better at my craft. It was a new beginning. I first lived in Dorchester renting the old servants quarters at the back of the Rocklyn Inn painting by a wood stove. 21 years ago I opened my original studio in downtown Sackville behind the Post Office before eventually moving it to where Jean Coutu is now located. 10 years ago we purchased 10 Weldon Street and I went about turning it in to my largest art project fixing up the building and planting gardens.

After 21 years of working 6-7 days a week I am ready for the next phase of life and work and new challenges without the constraints of having to be open every day and working those long hours.
I am currently selling the building and property at 10 Weldon Street through Jamie Smith at
With Seamus graduating high school this spring both he and Eliza will be in University in the Fall and everything tells me the time is right for another change. Effectively we will be moving our studio to a new location in Sackville where we will also live. I will be free to focus more on my artwork and travelling and doing shows, becoming better at my craft and spending more time in nature surrounded by birds and being inspired. 
We will still maintain our retail space at the Sackville Visitor Centre from May to December every year and we will be focusing more on our online retail presence at We will still be screen printing for our clients and of course I will always be accessible by email at
I am fortunate to be in a position to have the freedom to make these decisions.
I am so incredibly excited for the next steps along this path!
Stay tuned....

Wishing all the best to Rob and his great family -- it is an exciting change to make and I am sure the freedom and adventures will be another great chapter in a life well lived -- you're a class act sir.

Montreal street artist at work..

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Why Calgary Should Reject Fluoridation - Dr. Bob Dickson, MD

As a national issue the facts tell us that safe water is fluoridation free water.

So where are the "native water protectors in Halifax" ? Busy blocking energy projects...

Protestors are useful idiots for UN Agenda 2030 - the de-industrialization of Canada

A once very proud symbol of accomplishment and national unity in Canada is the railway - it is now used to divide us.. the 'native' and "non-native" divide and rule tactic is hard at work in Canada in 2020... there will be no rest and no peace in this nation in the culture of protestors... mark my words... this will get messy for all of us.


Vanessa Gray in Ontario is just one example of a 'native' useful idiot... getting fined for turning off equipment and potentially causing problems to infrastructure .. that is not her concern.. she is protecting the environment she believes.. what could possibly go wrong Vanessa? "environmental racism" is their new terminology as social justice minions... imagine that?

Vanessa Gray says "We are here also to shut down Canada"

UPDATED: CN police confirmed to CP24 that they served a court injunction to the protesters. A spokesperson for the group said the document was set on fire.

Canadian Nationalist Party founder Travis Patron - Twitter - Politics


Never have I felt more confident in the movement than I do now. The path to liberation is revealing itself.