Saturday, 24 August 2019

Mayor Higham's "Chignecto Native Consulting" Office @ 14 Weldon Street, Sackville NB

Maple Leaf and Native flag @ 2018 flying at

John Higham is a Rotary member just as the previous mayor was.
Higham's wife is a native status Canadian, as
are his two sons.

Canadians need to understand what UNDRIP is:

Higham's "Chignecto" Website:

Is John Higham in a conflict of interest with his consulting business and his job as Mayor for the Town of Sackville?

Is he withholding information from the public about his involvement with any land 'native' claims against our part of New Brunswick?

Should Higham be required to disclose any claims that is is aware of that natives are putting forth against our Town and lands?

Are his two children attending at university for free under "native status"?

Why is he intimidating town councillors in

town hall meetings who speak up and ask

important questions & make commentary?

Who are the five 'consultants' now working inside

our town hall for Fort Folly First Nations? 

What is their goal?

Why did Higham delete his Facebook page after

being elected in 2016?

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