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Not Just a Mum but an NGO Mum : "Food Security" & Climate Fears

NGO - non governmental organization funded by
YOUR government..... NB Food Security 
Action Network, an NGO - Laura Reinsborough

So.... is she a scientist? nope.. but she does promote and head up the oppressive sounding control group funded NGO " N.B. Food Security Action Network " -- I have no idea how these people are able to 'extract money to exist' as I am not a professional grant writer or moocher.. but they do it .. lots of them do it in this town and think its perfectly normal.

Isn't using the children for their political goals just a form of bullying and abuse? 


" Fossil fuels are of life-origin & organic, as in the scientific meaning, organic chemistry, the chemistry of carbon. They were made with 100% solar energy. When burned the main products are H2O and CO2, the 2 most important ingredients of all life. So people, stop dissing them. " - Patrick Moore, 72 - Canadian scientist and activist ... this is a man that should be invited to speak at Mount Allison University .. but instead they trot out hysterics the likes of non-scientist Naomi Klein and guru David Suzuki... is part of the network of Campus indoctrination centres. Follow Patrick Moore on Twitter: writes:--

"Laura Reinsborough, a mother of two young schoolchildren who said she was in full support of the students walking out of class for this Global Day of Action, was impressed with the level of maturity, dedication and cooperation she has seen from Sackville youth in this student-led movement.
“This is a rising movement around the globe and children will be invigorated and empowered by participating,” she said.
Reinsborough said she feels it’s important to talk to our children about climate change because “they deserve to know.”
“And they deserve the opportunity to participate in this movement that may give us all a fighting chance."
“The student climate strike provides an opportunity not only to talk to them about it, but also an opportunity for them to take action,” said Reinsborough. “And that's the biggest lesson I'm learning from Greta Thunberg and the movement she has started: that we don't have hope just because . . .we gain hope from taking action.”
Students from Salem Elementary, Marshview Middle, Tantramar Regional High School and Mount Allison University begin their march to town hall, where the strikers had a chance to voice their concerns and speak out about the government's inaction.
Students from Salem Elementary, Marshview Middle, Tantramar Regional High School and Mount Allison University begin their march to town hall, where the strikers had a chance to voice their concerns and speak out about the government's inaction.
The students presented municipal and provincial officials who were on hand for the event with a letter that called on the policy makers of the schools, the community, the province and the country to take action.
Below are a few excerpts from that letter:
“Our planet is on the precipice of an unprecedented crisis. According to a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the time left for us to find a way to limit global warming to 1.5° C, our best possible chance for preserving a livable future for all, is terrifyingly short. The report states that, if global emissions of carbon dioxide are not reduced by at least 45 per cent by 2030, reaching net zero by 2050, the climate catastrophe in which we now find ourselves will have passed the point of no-return.”
“ . . .our future is at stake, yet our governments have almost uniformly failed to act meaningfully in response to this impending disaster."
“We cannot state our desperation in strong enough terms: our species is facing extinction. Our chances at a survivable future are vanishing with each passing day."
“We choose to disrupt our educations today in recognition of the disruption of our lives that will inevitably occur if we remain complacent. We as young people are rising up now because it is us who will be forced to live or die in the world that we build today."
“We have wasted too much time already, waiting for action that never came. We still have the chance to preserve this world for the young people of today and of tomorrow, but we need to act with courage immediately to fundamentally change the ways in which we conduct our lives in this town, in this province, in this country, and on this earth.”
“Only a bold, innovative and trailblazing effort now can avert a climate catastrophe of unprecedented proportions from taking place in our lifetimes. We students are relying on our policy-makers and elected representatives to be courageous and work with us, not against us, to produce the kinds of changes we need to protect and preserve the Earth. It is the only home any of us have.”
Youth’s demands from Friday’s climate strike:
The Town of Sackville
–Call upon the town to recognize the seriousness of the issue – particularly as a town vulnerable to rising sea-levels ­– and declare a Climate Emergency.
– In light of the release of the IPCC report in 2018, call upon the town to review, revaluate and update their 2010 Sustainable Sackville plan, and direct resources to ensure that goals will be met.
Province of New Brunswick
–Call upon the NB government modify school curricula to include education on climate science and climate change that reflects the reality of the situation.
–Also call upon the provincial government to cease its resistance of carbon-pricing programs and to stand by its moratorium on fracking.
Mount Allison University
–Mount Allison students call on the university to take a stand on the climate crisis by divesting students’ endowment of the top 200 publicly-traded fossil fuel companies.
–They also ask that MTA work to further “indigenize” their classrooms by incorporating Indigenous knowledge into course material.
Federal government
–“This government was elected on a promise of climate leadership, and we demand they make
good on that promise.”
–Work to implement bold and innovative new climate policy that recognizes and responds to the seriousness of the climate crisis actively.
–A recognition of the sovereign rights of Canada’s First Nations.
–A commitment to avoid investing in or permitting new fossil fuel projects.
–A plan to transition to a 100% renewable energy economy.
–A plan to drastically reduce carbon emissions
For video coverage of the rally and march, visit the Sackville Tribune-Post Facebook page."

I have some books I could recommend Mum to Mum Laura.. but I doubt you would care to read them... your funding relies on you promoting the fear and not really educating others .. I understand... I'm here to expose that stuff.

Recommended reading:

Elaine Dewar's "Cloak of Green" [1995]

Dr. Tim Ball's "The Deliberate Corruption of

Climate Science" from Stairway Press USA

Patrick Wood's "Technocracy Rising" USA

Alex Epstein's "The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels"

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt's "The Deliberate
Dumbing Down" USA 

Joan Veon's "United Nations Global Strait 


& "Prince Charles:  The Sustainable Prince"

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