Monday, 11 October 2021

Bruce Wark on the 250th anniversary of "Yorkshire" stock in Tantramar and more... "Tantramar Heritage"

In the warm sands at Murray's Beach ... just gorgeous... 

so please don't let the merchants of fears and coviet media whores ruin your happy lives.

Recently visiting at Murray's Beach .... LOVE... Tantramar is a beautiful place to live.. and play.

Bruce Wark is trying so hard to control the news narrative now here in this region .... who does he answer to?  Who gives him directions and instructions on what to cover?  He does not consistently publish my comments ... why?
Wark's role is referred to as Mockingbird Media or... gatekeeper media and he is not to be trusted due to his background working in the establishment's academia [journalism professor/instructor] and working for propaganda organization CBC.  I have asked Bruce Wark to report on King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett's claim for Kingship.  Wark has not done this .. so he has failed at his basic duty of journalism and doing his due diligence and is actively suppressing this story.... why?

My family came from Lancashire to Canada in the 1970s and never took a penny from the government to set up a Canadian life and home... I'm considered the later 'wave of immigrants' ...  I am therefore indigenous European .. a first generation Canadian and I believe that what happens in the UK matters.

Bruce writes on the nannystate news from ...

"The town of Sackville has applied for a $55,650 federal grant to fund a series of events next year commemorating the arrival of the first shipload of Yorkshire immigrants in May 1772."

 “About 1,000 people from Yorkshire immigrated here between the period 1772 and 1775,” says Tantramar Trust board member Al Smith who traces his own ancestry back to Yorkshire settler Nathaniel Smith.

Sackville plans to commemorate 250th anniversary of Yorkshire immigration next year | (

"Tantramar Heritage" website 

Welcome to Tantramar Heritage Trust - Tantramar Heritage Trust

notes for Visitors during COVID-19

"For the safety of everyone, please note the following:

  1. Masks are required upon entry to our buildings.
  2. Proof of double vaccination must be presented upon entry to our buildings.
  3. Please don’t visit if you exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or have been caring for someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  4. Please maintain social distancing from staff and other visitors.
  5. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance to our museums.
  6. Please use hand sanitizer (which will be provided) before checking out our gift shop items and publications.
  7. We still accept cash, but recommend credit or debit cards. We accept debit cards that have tap enabled and any credit cards."

So what's to be done?  We'll see soon enough..

CLC Media.. Step Into The Real World...


Check out this recent interview with author Frank Raymond.. 

ACH (1621) Mallificus Scott – The Limeys #42 – Because We Care About You With Special Guest Frank Raymond (

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