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Friday, 13 December 2019

Sackville UN-censored : Cartoonist Chris Katko - USA - New World Order Car...

Sackville UN-censored : Cartoonist Chris Katko - USA - New World Order Car...: https://newworldordercartoons.wordpress.com/

Youtube "Transpocalypse Now" Mr. E Channel - Deleted by Youtube - Purges 2019

Transpocalypse Now .. eh?  https://www.bitchute.com/video/SQjyArE5XgdZ/

Sackville UN-censored : "Celtic Life" International - Magazine

Sackville UN-censored : "Celtic Life" International - Magazine: Celtic Life @CelticLife · 20h Looking for that special something for that special someone this holiday...

Uptown Saint John with Dr. Ricardo Duchesne, EuroCanadian.ca

Book talk event at St. Andrew's & St. David's Church


for https://www.blackhousepublishing.com/bookshop/canada-in-decay/

"Canadians for Liberty Not Agenda 2030" - Facebook

The World Needs More Canada! 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/canadiansforlibertynotagenda2030/

The United Nations is not your friend!

NEW WORLD RESET: Hidden History of the Lost Architecture of the United States and Canada

Great video from Smile Titans..

Thursday, 12 December 2019

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada: Joseph Gregory Hallett, Five Part Interview Series...

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada: Joseph Gregory Hallett, Five Part Interview Series...: The Hidden King of England, Joseph Gregory Hallett - Claim Against the #flat lie royals ..

A Message from Canada... CanadaAction.ca

No more apologizing for being awesome Canada...

Clinton Desveaux on pipelines, oil sands and refineries

Scheer announces resignation as Conservative leader...

Stephen Harper Commentary by Clinton Desveaux

Connect with Clinton at Twitter https://twitter.com/clintondesveaux

Article from Clinton Desveaux of Nova Scotia for Western Standard Online ..  https://www.westernstandardonline.com/2019/11/desveaux-is-stephen-harper-preparing-to-take-back-the-conservative-leadership/?fbclid=IwAR30NB-zOIg7LM8hnyBl1uIMDDrPaVVNidlFTvynN0N-nMpsGtsyTjRtcoE

Sackville Regular Council Meeting - December 9, 2019

sackville.com video..

"... I don't think that giving ourselves a raise is in the best interests of the town... " - Bill Evans, Town Councillor

Perhaps if the town councillors were paid more money we'd attract more clever, effective and industrious candidates Bill. [ Bill specializes in promoting climate alarmism as a retired boomer from the university he is financially comfy ]

"Council of European Canadians" - latest article is on "Indigenous Nationalism"


Who is Adele Perry? An anti-white troublemaker.

Who is Adele Perry?  An anti-white troublemaker... that's who.


Historians across Canada like Perry are deceitfully "teaching" their students that Canada was built by multiple races, but how can that be if, as late as 1971, pop was 96+ White? Feminists inherently incapable of White Male principle of objectivity - too emotional + hysterical.
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Adele Perry
ICYMI: This blog was produced by my class. The student contributors did important and genuinely original research on three institutions built by Indigenous and racialized people in 20thC Winnipeg. winnipeghistories.home.blog

"New Brunswick Book of Everything" and Frank McKenna's Quote

CCFR Membership - Canada - Firearmrights.ca - Gift for Christmas

Alt Media - Globalbem.com - Dr. Tim Ball - XURIOUS UK - Patrick Wood

Kata List Productions was recently deleted by youtube - why?  Censorship is the new normal.


Mass Immigration Costs Canadian Taxpayers Money - It Is A Net Loss

Peel Cops Lean on Immigration Critics
One of the sad results of political correctness in Canada is the increasingly political role of many police forces.
Shawn is a dedicated researcher in his ’30s. The Toronto-based activist has spent much of the past few years sequestered in major libraries looking over immigration reports going back 100 years and studying the numbers of foreigners let in and the number of jobs available. At one time, patriotic governments tried to adjust immigration levels when unemployment rose.