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Monday, 19 August 2019

Why are Canadians OK with cities changing their names?


Why does the government send people mixed messages? Why do they talk out of both sides of their mouths? Why do they meddle in lives? Why do they promote degeneracy and drug use? Why do they promote and profit from substances that are bad for humans? Why does everything just go along with this stuff?

Thing 1 and Thing 2 ~ Dweedle - Dumb & Dweedle - Dumber

Cartoon by Charlie Chisholm @ EuroCanadian.ca

Problem Drinking?

Say YES To Cultural Appropriation ~ Unity4Canada


Michele Tittler "STOP BLAMING RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS, BLAME ALCOHOL!" video link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIpIM-R-1gk


Justice Murray Sinclair and his outrageous "Truth and Reconciliation Commission Recommendations" have to stop bullying and blaming Canada and innocent tax payers. It's enough now! It was just school, the same school system we all went to, and there were many more good stories than bad, but the "Indian Industry" of lawyers, lobbyists and Chiefs have turned it into the massive racist blame game it's grown into today, by systemically ignoring any and all good, and extorting and bullying for whatever bad can be found, preyed upon, exaggerated, lied about, and used to bash Canada and innocent tax payers. None of it's been about helping the individuals who had some negative experiences, it's all been about one blanketed blame game, indicting everyone who is not their race, creating perpetual victims out of everyone who is. It's out of control, and people are dying from their constant focus on nothing but blame, and never accountability.

Michele Tittler



This Land Is Our Land, Canada 2015 Michele Tittler on race based land claims

Michele Tittler, End Race Based Law in Canada, race based land claims

Has Sappyfest Become A Political Event.. It WAS An Indie Festival

I've been observing this "festival" and its culture since I moved here in 2010.

"Sappyfest Is A Political Event" & its political agenda & influence its noteable by its public denouncement on Twitter of "Kata List Productions" -- a promotional enterprise that works as a pro-human & pro-white wellness & pro-resource development venture including: Tantramar Landowners Association, Tantramar Skate Park Project, Hemp History Week, GlobalBEM.com, EuroCanadian.ca, CanadaAction.ca, Beautiful People in NB photography project, No More Fluoride Rinse in NB Schools, Blue Elephant Gallery One, Immigration Watch Canada, Safe Water Halifax, Safe Water Moncton, Fluoridation Free Canada, ID-Canada.ca, Students for Western Civilisation, SEGmagnetics.com & more.

I have no funding nor do I ask for donations.. ever.....

I have never and will never ask for permission from anyone to do what I do with this advocacy so hopefully we have cleared the air on this perceived conflict of interests.  I'm a Sappyfest friendly blogger but I don't grovel to anyone.

The politically correct culture of the "progressives of Sackville" can be extremely insufferable at times.... I've had my say.

As notorious as I seem to be ... at this point its obvious I am unpopular .. but what's more is I am unapologetic and not part of any groups here...  I think it is preferential not to be grouped into a category with others such that you are dictated to on what opinions you are allowed to have in order to 'fit in'.. I don't.  I'm OK with not fitting in.  I'm not running for political office, holding down a university job, or begging for grant money for an NGO or non-profit, I'm indie...

--- Attn: https://twitter.com/jeskagrue/
Further thoughts on Sappyfestival that takes a lot of grant money from the government agencies to operate here. They are far from indie .. they are heavily subsidized and they are also 'agenda' driven with a political and social justice component that has taken the joy out of what was once a local fun time for the youth and the talent that lives here and makes a life here.. last year was particularly noticeable in that it was featuring people with zero connection to this region.. if the local government continues to give them money when they do not support the artists here and promote the artists here I don't see how that is even remotely fair. I take issue with the organizers. They are aware of my point of view now.

Poster from 2018 - artwork by Paul Henderson - co-founder of the 'fest...

Happily praising and inviting a performer here with a very 'racist' 

agenda of asking 'white people to move to the back' is not cool..

not ever.. and yet I am considered a 'racist' around here? really?

its an observation that the SJWts in this university town hijacked a pretty cool little indie festival over a few years time & transformed it into something 'political' .. if this news is unpleasant Prez Grue just take it as some advice to tone down the pandering and b.s.

Twitter has become an anti-white hate platform.

Sappyfest is just an extension of the pandering..

Yes Lydia, all colours come to Sappyfest... du-oh.

Are there black ppl at SappyFest

Sackville : Canada in one word

So.... what? and who are messing up their minds you might wonder?
Tina "Turtle" Oh in the video is part of the cult of social justice .. its extreme.
Bruce Wark covered 'decolonize' graffiti action on campus .. I left him a comment.

Your comment is awaiting moderation. 

The Culture of Anti-White Racism on Mount Allison University Campus is rampant .. and its got to stop… suggest students explore the worthwhile effort at Canada’s Students for Western Civilisation campaign 2019 #Colonize The Safe Spacehttp://swciv.com .. radicals such as Tina Oh run a pretty extreme litany of hate on their twitter.. one wonders how they are not censored for hate speech. At least the campus is rid of this angry girl now she is Halifax’s problem.. I heard she was taking up the cause of “No One Is Illegal” open borders mass immigration in a way that really was inevitable.. I’d prefer she helped out my friend Dana Landry at “Safe Water Halifax” facebook.. but that’s probably too much like work for Tina.
Bruce's article discussing President Campbell's comments on the flag.

Double flags are NOW part of the 'indigenize' the campus because just one flag was not enough..... for mta.ca social justice extremists.. was it?

Chronicle Herald Halifax Article Calls Stephen Garvey "altright fringe".. is he?

Twitter https://twitter.com/NatCitAlliance

National Citizens Alliance is getting a lot of negative press downeast .. interesting.
Better play it safe and stick with the normal parties.. huh? Liberals, Conservatives.. don't want anyone to think you're a racist and stuff?

Chronicle Herald Halifax Article story is mostly hidden behind a pay-wall [helpful]....

"What you need to know about the groups straddling the line between politics and hate
Widely known for its friendly people and hospitality, Atlantic Canada isn’t the first place that comes to mind as a breeding ground for the alt-right.
But experts say the current political climate and rise of extreme right-wing ideologies in Europe and the United States are empowering a small segment of the Canadian population to go public ...." 

Read the policies...

No White Guilt on White Erasure

Adrien Bordage, a New Brunswick Meet & Greet

Adrien and I have spoken over the phone a few times but we finally met up as he was heading back from a busy roadtrip .. he was gracious enough to give me a bit of his time even though he was clearly ready for a little rest and relaxation.  Much appreciated getting to know this man who is trying to put Canadians first.

Twitter https://twitter.com/NatCitAlliance
Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/NationalCitizensAlliance/

We sat down to have a conversation about Adrien Bordage's work with "National Citizens Alliance", a new federal political party that's making quite a splash in the news especially in the Maritimes where Stephen Garvey, leader, plans to run for MP Cumberland-Colchester riding in Nova Scotia Canada... a longer video will be shared when possible.  Adrien is a resident of Dieppe New Brunswick.  Our meet up lasted for about 25 minutes.  We discussed various topics including the bad behaviour of protestors at their events and the party's desire to run a candidate in Beausejour in the upcoming election.

Video recorded early evening on Sunday August 18, 2019 - http://nationalcitizensalliance.ca

● Restore the 1934 Bank of Canada Act along with the 1938 Amendment and our own amendments, and thereby re-institute the true Bank of Canada, people’s bank, which fully belongs to the Canadian people, and thereby end the usury, inflation, and control of Canadians’ wealth by central banks.

We had the meet up at the Sackville Visitor Information Centre at the park.
It was a pleasure to meet this polite gentleman and discuss politics in Canada.
Thanks Adrien.

Need to reach Adrien for any questions and further information on the NCA?

Adrien Bordage
National Citizens Alliance Of Canada
Chief Agent / Maritimes Regional Coordinator
Ph 1-833-822-8330

Last year in Saint John I met with Stephen Garvey & Ricardo Duchesne for a book talk event meet & greet - there were no angry protestor mobs .. just people behaving like mature grown-ups and discussing ideas .. as we are all meant to do.

Here is the video of that get together:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=33&v=hx0vd_SzC1s

Stephen, Adrien, Ricardo and I recommend you read this book. ASAP!

What does this mass migration mean to the Canadian people? What impact on our prosperity and security? 

Why are the mainstream parties and media silent about the true extent of migration into Canada? 

How does the NCA migration totals compare to the mainstream parties? 

2019 Immigration Targets from the Government
Regular, legal migration:
Economic 191,600
Chain Migration 88,500
Humanitarian 51,900
Total: 330,800
What is not included in the totals
2019 Estimates Based Upon Previous Years
Study Permit Holders 317,328 (2017 issued)
Temporary Foreign Workers: 78,788 (2017)
International Mobility Program 224,033 (2017) 
Illegal Migrants Who Are Undetected (No Asylum Claim) No Data 
Total: 620,149
Number of People Who Left Canada 69,550 (2018)
Total 2019 Immigration Projected Intake less outflow: 950,949

Total 2019 Immigration Projected Intake less outflow: 881,399

Under Harper in Comparison 
2015 Immigration Targets from the Government
Regular, legal migration:
Economic 172,100
Chain Migration 63,000
Humanitarian 24,900
Total: 260,000
What is not included in the totals
2019 Estimates Based Upon Previous Years
Study Permit Holders 219,143
Temporary Foreign Workers: 73,016
International Mobility Program 175,967 
Illegal Migrants Who Are Undetected (No Asylum Claim) No Data 
Total: 468,126
Total 2015 Immigration Intake: 728,126
 [video source:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13jzcnnUe_s ]

Information Wanted On Local "Antifa International" Supporters/Promoters

This sticker was discovered near the home of Town Councillor Bill Evans.
"Antifa International" says "Will Trade Racists for Refugees" with their logo red and black ... Twitter https://twitter.com/antifaint

If you know who "antifa" are you will be concerned.. if you don't yet, please check out their Twitter to get the idea how they recruit and how they promote violence against others and against free speech and freedom of association.. They are a problem.  Universities are radicalizing students with their 'radical social justice agenda' -- make no mistake about that .... this university town is no exception.

The Sackville Mayor Higham NOW knows about the discovery of this sticker near Bill Evans' home...  now you do too... having information and awareness is power.. and if you are concerned please let your local RCMP know.. they may be able to conduct an investigation into this group's activities in our area.

"Far Left Watch" monitors hate groups like 'antifa' and their targetting and bullying activities:  https://twitter.com/FarLeftWatch

Major consideration is being given to naming ANTIFA an “ORGANIZATION OF TERROR.” Portland is being watched very closely. Hopefully the Mayor will be able to properly do his job!