Friday, 26 May 2023

Canada Is Dying | Full Movie - Aaron Gunn

Committee of the Whole Meeting - May 23, 2023 - Town of Tantramar - Mayor Andrew Black

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The video has been added to Indie Media Eastcoast on Bitchute for reference and additional discussion... at this video link: University town run by technocrats climate change hysterics and eco-green zealots : UN Agenda 2030 (

Home Ownership Solutions - Athens Greece "Polikatoikia" and "Justice Queen" on Twitter

 At this link with "Justice Queen" on Twitter...

Justice_Queen 🏗🏙🚇⚖️ on Twitter: "3/The system saw landowners hand over their property, and in return get two to five apartments to live in,rent or sell. It was a bottom-up system of dev not created by any law change by the government, though the state did offer motives for construction by granting tax breaks" / Twitter

Canada, however, has to deal with an agenda that is anti-human... a group that has penetrated all levels of government and seeks ultimately the end of private property rights..

Meme humour...


173. Corrupt Cops, Masonry, Pedophile Rings & The Queensland Shooting Livestream - Brendon O'Connell

Wednesday, 17 May 2023

Repairing Protestor Signs at Gas Station #DefundUniversities

 Patrick Moore explains the problem here:

Patrick Moore: Climate Change Hysterics at Well Funded Universities [Charities] See (



Sackville U.N.-censored: King of UK on Youtube - September 30, 2018 - Holy...

Sackville U.N.-censored: King of UK on Youtube - September 30, 2018 - Holy...:   At this link:   Holy Grael – All Predictions Fulfilled - YouTube 11,920 views Sep 30, 2018 Kingof.UK records Predictive Programming form...

Alice Cotton on Facebook's "Tantramar Affordable Housing Initiative" - "Community" Builder

 A well known local 'communitarian meddler' Alice Cotton continues to promote her "change agent" commie views on Facebook page "Tantramar Affordable Housing Initiative" ... in a recent post about the "community land trust" model for housing which is basically another way of saying kibbutzism.. why do it? Why promote this model? Why not promote more private lands being developed and more builders and tradesmen encouraged to build here - that is the solution - there is no shortage of lands in the Tantramar.. is there? #BuildBackBeauty

Say No to UN Agenda 2030 ... 

What is going on in England and Wales with CLTs community land trusts? More here:

State-of-the-Sector-2023-PRESS-1.pdf (

More here with Alice's group:

Tantramar Affordable Housing Initiative | Facebook <<<----

BBC article at this link:

CLTs are tied in UN goal #8 - ending private property rights...

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