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Thursday, 25 April 2019

Has Sappyfest Become A Political Event?

On "Sappyfestival Political Event?" and its political agenda & influence by publically denouncing on Twitter "Kata List Productions" and its promotional work that is all pro-human and pro-white wellness and pro-development.... Tantramar Skate Park, Hemp History Week, GlobalBEM.com, EuroCanadian.ca, CanadaAction.ca, Beautiful People in NB photography project, No More Fluoride Rinse in NB Schools, Blue Elephant Gallery One, Immigration Watch Canada, Safe Water Halifax, Safe Water Moncton, Fluoridation Free Canada, ID-Canada.ca, and Students for Western Civilisation ..  to name a few examples.. I have never and will never ask for permission from anyone to do what I do with this advocacy so hopefully we have cleared the air on this perceived conflict of interests.

As a persona notorious at this point its obvious I am unpopular around here...
but more than that I am unapologetic and not part of any groups around here either.

Its preferential not to be grouped into a category with others such that you are dictated to on what opinions you are allowed to have in order to 'fit in'.. I don't.

I'm OK with not fitting in.  I'm not running for political office, holding down a university job, or begging for grant money for an NGO or non-profit, I'm indie.

--- Attn: https://twitter.com/jeskagrue/
Further thoughts on Sappyfestival that takes a lot of grant money from the government agencies to operate here. They are far from indie .. they are heavily subsidized and they are also 'agenda' driven with a political and social justice component that has taken the joy out of what was once a local fun time for the youth and the talent that lives here and makes a life here.. last year was particularly noticeable in that it was featuring people with zero connection to this region.. if the local government continues to give them money when they do not support the artists here and promote the artists here I don't see how that is even remotely fair. I take issue with the organizers. They are aware of my point of view now.
its an observation that the SJWtards in this university town hijacked a pretty cool little indie festival over a few years time & transformed it into something 'political' .. if this news is unpleasant Prez Grue just take it as some advice to tone down the pandering and b.s.

Beautiful People in New Brunswick Canada - since 2011

"Beauties in NB" is an indie fun photography project that was started in 2011..
because its indie forever...  https://www.facebook.com/beautiesnb/ .. See you around folks!

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Gab.ai .. Gab.com experiencing difficulties... onl...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Gab.ai .. Gab.com experiencing difficulties... onl...: The discussion group, think tank and policy analysis forum "Canadian Immigration Policy Institute" based in Sackville NB Facebook

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Dr. Walter Russell - Hydrogen and The Atom Bomb El...

Liberty Freedom Consortium.....: Dr. Walter Russell - Hydrogen and The Atom Bomb El...: More great information at Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/DrWalterRussell/ @@@@@@ Local university president JP Boudreau at mta.ca...

What Makes The One Percent Think They’ll Escape The Chaos They’ve Made?

What Makes The One Percent Think They’ll Escape The Chaos They’ve Made? <--- Click link for full CEC article ...

The richest man in Denmark, Anders Holch Povlsen, and his wife, have just suffered an unimaginable tragedy; three of their four children were killed in the Muslim-organized bombings in Sri Lanka. 

A string of bombings at churches and luxury hotels across Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday killed 359 people and wounded 500. 


Round Table Discussion Saturday Secret Space Program Conference, 2014 Sa...

Millerman Talks - Episode 17 (Dugin, Bannon, and The New Middle Ages)

The Washington Post ran an article on April 16th called “Why far-right nationalists like Steve Bannon have embraced a Russian ideologue” arguing that Alexander Dugin and Steve Bannon use a mythologized version of the Middle Ages to stoke white nationalism, whip up Islamophobia, and promote other hateful far-right goals. In this episode, I examine and criticize some of the claims about Dugin, not primarily in order to exonerate him, but to set a higher standard for the analysis of obscure, yet politically relevant matters, so that our journalists, intelligence agencies, academics, and other circles don’t become accustomed to taking cheap ideological distortions as the final word on these things.

SACKVILLE, NEW BRUNSWICK | Mount Allison University | Interesting Things...

Winner! We have presented this local youtuber with a $20 gift certificate for Painted Pony Restaurant as a small token of appreciation for his efforts in producing quality content for the region... thanks man! Good job!

More Ottawa Clusterfucking for Communitarians in the Global Village - Ottawa May 2019

" Summitting " always sounds so close to the word submitting.. you know?

I'm sure the cost of this theatrical performance would easily build a great skatepark for our region .. but I'm a practical person who pinches my pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies and toonies... I think about useful expenditures.

Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta, PEI ALL leadership is turning against the carbon tax

Congratulations to PEI Premier-Designate , who described the carbon tax as "a punitive tax for Islanders.” I look forward to working with you on the national stage."

Perhaps Megan Mitton, MLA should start paying attention to the regular Canadians on this issue.

Also.. the world needs more Canada ... just sayin.

Amy Stuart - Canadian Author - Wise Words

Average family income, Canada: 1975: 50k 2015: 70k Average house price, Toronto: 1975: 60k 2015: ~700k Average tuition costs, Canada: 1975: $550 2015: $6200 Remember these numbers next time you tell someone younger than you that it just comes down to hard work.

#1 Bestselling author of STILL MINE & STILL WATER. Hockey Coach. Speaker. Facilitator. Mom to 3 boys. Rubik's Cuber. & .

POTUS 2020 USA .. Joe Biden announces he is running...

Biden Obama 2020.... it could happen eh?

Who else is potentially in the running?  Postering found for Spencer/Little

Thank God for Dominic Leblanc MP for Beausejour! Climate & Pride

Our favourite local wealth re-distributionist reminds us on Facebook to do something ... helpful and kind and polite and relevant as always.. thanks Dom!

Photo from Pride Sackville October 2015 with CPC candidate Ann Bastarache.

"REMINDER: Don't forget to claim your Climate Action Incentive when you files your taxes this year! A family of 4 in New Brunswick will receive $256 this year. That means families will be better off, while we fight climate change at the same time "๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒณ

White Rabbit Radio Live! Honk if Burning w/ Eric Striker!

With guest Eric Striker discussing a variety of topics.. White Rabbit Radio returns..  Check their website for more...

UN's human trafficking and the useful idiots who promote it.... "refugee" =/= economic migrant

Keep in mind that Mount Allison University is 'producing' global citizens ready to serve the global community .. they are indoctrinating students to believe we are a post-national state.
Do you think this could be a problem? 
Do you think it might be a good time to start talking about that kinda stuff?
I do.

Locally small VOLUNTEER group works to "seed town" with more foreigners for the purposes of 'diversity building' .. by astroturfing and creating a fake consensus... human trafficking for the UNHCR.. "refugees" go to the nearest country for safety.. not halfway around the globe.

I have no problem with qualified immigrants... in fact I am one... I have a problem with the "immigration cartel" who profit from moving people around on the globe like its a chessboard game.

We take in massive numbers of 'refugees' through sponsorships and government generosity.
We also taken in over 250K per year in immigrants from all around the world.
We have been told we are post-national.
We are told we cannot discuss immigration policy.
Facebook just deleted "Canadian Immigration Policy Institute" page based in Sackville, NB

Under Trudeau 2.0 the immigration numbers are set to soar to 400,000 per year - Century Initiative seeks to grow Canada to 100 million by 2100.

The cultural ethnicity of Canada's European races will be erased.  This is called ethnocide.
I oppose this policy and their greedy desire to treat humans like economic units for profit and gain.

Exploiting disabled kids for propaganda

Greta's being used as a tool... http://www.theartofannihilation.com/the-manufacturing-of-greta-thunberg-for-consent-the-political-economy-of-the-non-profit-industrial-complex/

Canada In Decay by Prof Ricardo Duchesne 2017 eurocanadian.ca

Top seller list for amazon. Ethnocide —noun 1. The deliberate destruction of the culture of a people. https://www.blackhousepublishing.com/...
Professor Ricardo Duchesne's follow up book to The Uniqueness of Western Civilization [Brill] and Faustian Man in A Multicultural Age [Arktos]

Consultants and Visioning: The Cost of being Sackville.com

April 4, 2019 facebook:  "Who knew? Not enough anymore to have mission statement or even vision statement. Sackville Town Council learns that biz development strategies now need a "value proposition."-- Bruce Wark

Another consultant -- $17K -- hired to tell sackville.com what to do, how to grow the town and economy... I doubt they will ever figure it out anytime soon...... one local told me the town hasn't grown in 100 years .. I don't wonder why.. but here is Bruce's helpful report... thanks Bruce... you're a hard-worker.  The problem is that the town is run by green commi and its not going to change anytime soon.. the word is out folks.... this place does not welcome free enterprisers .. its a closed shop.


ACT for Canada - Facebook - Valerie Price


USA Author Jim Goad - Podcast #87 "Hate" Doesn't Explain Shit

From 1997 - a classic read "The Redneck Manifesto" order your copy at http://jimgoad.net .. Jim's latest book is "Whiteness:  The Original Sin"

Podcast Episode 87 https://soundcloud.com/jim-goad/ep87

Jim reminds me with humour to "say what you mean to say" is the best policy.. especially when people are telling you to shut up.

Twitter "Canuck Law" .... on Canada's anti-UN movement

"This will be a crucial year for us. Canadians need to stand up for our nation. Globalist organizations like the UN will be the end of us -- unless we do something about it."


"I don't know my intentions at this point. Haven't heard anyone explicitly say we will leave the UN. Best is "we're open to it" (which is wishy-washy). But beyond that, someone openly and unapologetically nationalist. Maybe start my own party -- the UNexit Party ๐Ÿค”"

Wednesday, 24 April 2019